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Original title: "Etruschi!", by Andrea Jeva English transalation by Gregory Conti, Copyright 2005, by S.I.A.E. Societa' Italiana Autori ed Editori.

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"Etruscans!" written in 2005.
"Maro is a time-traveler with a mission: to save his fellow Etruscans and their culture from being totally absorbed by the globalizing Roman Empire. For him, the year is 217 B.C. and we are in Etruria - near Lake Trasimeno, the site of Hannibal's last victory over the Romans. But for Gianni and Elisa, volunteers in a psychiatric hospital not far from Assisi, and Jocelyn, a psychiatric researcher from U. Cal Berkeley, Maro is a mental patient steeped in Etruscan ritual and folklore, who also has a strangely unquenchable thirst for Coca Cola. Or is he? When the four of them are joined by Serrano, Maro's fellow Etruscan, who staggers onto the scene having just been wounded in the fight against Hannibal, our contemporary guardians of society's mental health begin to have their doubts.
Its ingenious superimposition of historical epochs and the clash of cultures that results, infuses "Etruscans!" with well-exploited comic opportunities while offering plenty of food for thought about contemporary threats to cultural diversity. Maro's struggle for the cultural survival of his people is doomed to failure. The fast-paced, absurdist dialogues he has with his three modern care-givers are meant to provoke tears as well as laughter, and finally reflection on what the story of the Etruscans may teach us about the world today.
MARO - an elderly mental patient. His anomalous behavior is due to his belief that he is Etruscan.
GIANNI - 21 years old or so. A native of Rome. He's a conscientious objector assigned to the mental hospital to do alternative civil service. He assists Maro and he also plays "Regolo, Marco Attilio" Consul of Rome. In the original Italian he speaks with a marked modern Roman accent, but in English it's not so much as accent as the would-be self-assured, sometimes sarcastic tone of those born and raised in the capital of the empire, be it Rome, New York, or London.
ELISA - about 25 years old. Hospital volunteer and actress. She assists Maro.
JOSLYNN - about 50. American. Psychiatrist. Speaks with the anachronistic wild-eyed enthusiasm of an ex-flower child. Also plays "Culni", Etruscan woman, sister of Serrano.
SERRANO - about 40. Etruscan. A ghost evoked by Maro. Dressed as a Roman legionnaire..
90 min.
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The playwright asks to be informed of any production of this work.
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